Welcome to Cappadocia

Here is a chance to meet me and some of my guiding friends that I have worked with in the recent past. Our aim is to help you make the most of your time in Cappadocia, and with our knowledge and insight we hope to build bridges of friendship between our cultures that will contribute to world peace and understanding.


Tour Guide Adnan Tanguler


Welcome to my website and my Cappadocia world. I am a Cappadocian born and bred, and have been guiding for most of my adult life. I also used to teach English in the Tour Guiding department at the local university. I am married with a young son.

These days I rarly guide because I have my own hotel Cave Konak and travel agency business Honeycomb Tours to keep me busy, but I know most of the guides in the region and can easily find the right guide for you.

       Here’s me and Zeus                               ...and a mill stone door                            ...and a Hittite written rock

Greek God ZeusCappadocia Underground City DoorHittite Written Rock

Tour Guide Remzi Kaya


I was born in Cappadocia andI used to teach English at Urgup Tourism Community College. I have also been working as a registered tour guide since March 1987. I am married with three children. Both of my daughters work in the USA. My wife and I have US green cards and live in New Hampshire USA in winter months and in Urgup Cappadocia during the tourism season. My son is also a tour guide speaking English, Portuguese and Spanish; he lives in Istanbul.

     Here I am at Grand Canyon!                And here I am with some guests ...I'm wearing the diamond sweater

Goreme Open Air Museum Dark ChurchGoreme Open Air Museum Dark ChurchGoreme Open Air Museum Dark Church